This is a cast thermoset acrylic resin based material, which is used extensively for writing instruments, fashion accessories and interior design. It is a very hard-wearing material and is therefore also suitable for the grips on hand guns and also bushcraft and military knives.

This material can be machined on all types of machinery, from turned/machined on hand and CNC lathes as well being milled, drilled and laser cut. Our Acrylic is also known as the brand name KIRINITE™.

This is a cast thermoset resin based material, made polyester resin cast in tubes. This material is non toxic material as is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as: Musical instruments, writing instruments, interior design, high end household accessories, hobby/craft, cutlery, military and bush craft knives, furniture manufacture and restoration and fashion.

This material can be turned/machined on hand and CNC lathes as well as being milled drilled and laser cut.



Also known as Galalith, is made for milk protein and is a natural material. Unlike any resin it posses many more of the natural characteristics of, for example, real Ivory and Horn. It is visually stunning and is ideal for furniture panels and skirting, piano keys, and any high-end item that would have originally used a natural material.